McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm that serves a broad mix of private, public and social sector institutions: for example, 90 of the world’s top 100 corporations, and more than 90 national governments. We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. With nearly a century of experience, and over 125 offices in more than 65 countries, we’ve built a firm uniquely equipped to this task.

McKinsey as an Employer

McKinsey has a long-standing interest in attracting and retaining lawyers. In fact, Marvin Bower, the founder of management consulting as a profession, was a lawyer. He shaped McKinsey’s values around the professional principles he learned from his experience in law.

We hire people with law degrees because they make successful management consultants. For example, lawyers have the ability to address multiple conflicting points of view to solve complex problems. Lawyers also bring strong written and oral communication skills, which are essential for working side-by-side with clients.

Today, well over 500 consultants at McKinsey have law degrees. They joined McKinsey at various points in their careers—some during and some immediately after law school and some after practicing law for years. For many, one of the advantages of joining has been the opportunity to advance more rapidly than is generally possible in the legal profession.

Opportunities for law students and lawyers

You can join McKinsey as an Intern during law school, or after law school as a consultant on a full-time basis.

At McKinsey, you will not do legal work. You will work as a management consultant amongst other colleagues with a wide range of different academic and work backgrounds. You will also work with many experts, from data scientists and researchers to software and app designers.

Our internship programs are intended for students with at least 80 credits. Students joining us as interns will spend 2-3 months working as integral members of client service teams, getting the same experience as full-time consultants. For interns who are interested in an international experience, we offer the chance to do client work with international teams. If you complete the internship program successfully, you may be offered a permanent role with us.

Meet our people

Jesse Juutinen

“I was surfing in Cape Town – and finishing my law studies there – when I happened to speak with Antti, a McKinsey consultant from Finland. He spoke about learning at a rapid pace through doing work with clients across different industries. He also got me excited about the benefits of joining a truly global firm. ​ I joined McKinsey in January 2015. What I like is the sense of endless opportunities: I can form my path and develop my skills and knowledge in areas that interest me most. The people are great, the work environment is highly energetic, and the flexibility is unbeatable.”


Ilmi Salminen

With my degrees in information networks from Aalto University and law from the University of Helsinki, I felt that McKinsey was the perfect place to combine my broad interests and desire to work on high-impact projects. For me, the best things at McKinsey have been the exceptionally interesting engagements, the amazing people, and the many possibilities and support for learning. Being able to do all this in a truly international context is a strong plus for me – my next project could be on any continent! I’m also especially happy to work at a firm with strong values that are lived every day. Outside of McKinsey, I love running along the coastline. At the moment, I also serve on the board of the Finland National Committee for UN Women.”

Basic information

30,000+ colleagues

… working in 65+ countries and 125+ cities

… speaking 130+ languages

… coming from various backgrounds

… of whom ~70 work at the Helsinki office, including 2 with a law background


While there’s no exact template for success at McKinsey, our people share some qualities that help make us successful–and that make working here fun. Those qualities are Personal Impact, Entrepreneurial Drive, Leadership Abilities and Problem Solving Skills. Based on our experience, these qualities also often lead to educational success.

Please refer here for more details.


We welcome applications from students at undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels as well as graduates. The only minimum requirement is 80 credits. You do not, for instance, have to have completed your BSc to apply for the internship program.

​We will recruit as many brilliant individuals as we can find. There is no upper limit on how many internship or full-time positions we can offer. We warmly encourage all interested students and graduates to apply.


Our benefits include lunch benefit (lounasetu), sport and cultural benefit (virike-etu). We also offer snacks, drinks, and a dedicated freezer for ice cream – and most importantly – Tessa, the office dog.

Our wages meet the recommendations by the Association of Finnish Lawyers.

McKinsey Finland welcomes applications all year round.
Your growth at McKinsey

You bring an incredible set of skills, abilities, and interests to McKinsey. We provide the mentors, the teammates, and a yearly training investment of more than $200 million to help you develop your future.


Learning is continual at McKinsey–from Embark, our intensive training program for basic consultant readiness, to specialized learning in technology, industry, or functional areas. Most people participate in our core set of programs, and we are constantly developing new initiatives. Training includes in-person and virtual learning with colleagues from around the world who can teach you about a specific topic or expand your skills.

Coaching and Mentorship

We don’t ask you to make your own McKinsey alone. You will have peers and partners helping you grow and plan the next several years of your career–offering everything–from objective guidance and professional development, to informal mentorships and formal feedback reviews.

Because ours is a culture of coaching, you are likely to find mentors wherever and whenever you need them. And you are encouraged to offer your insights, experience, and help to those around you.

Collaborative Teams

At McKinsey, a team isn’t just a group of people with the same to-do list. It’s core to our culture. Everyone is a full-fledged member of the team and every voice is heard.

In addition to working together on client deliverables, each member of the team also learns trust, responsibility, communication, and leadership. Your core team is supported by over 2,000+ knowledge professionals and experts, who make smart teams even smarter–and the work we do truly distinctive.

Office culture

Given McKinsey’s team-driven culture, consultants in the Finland office spend a great deal of time together. We help clients and one another address top-level, strategic concerns. We work hard—but the friendships we develop with our clients and colleagues often last a lifetime.

When you come to McKinsey’s Finland office, you will join a community of people who share your passion to develop, experience, and contribute, and who enjoy spending time together. We have an office quartet, cross-fitness and running enthusiasts, and frequent Friday bars and social events. Our annual family Christmas party is a long-standing tradition, as is our crayfish party each August.

Work life balance

Because we work closely with our clients to build new and sustainable capabilities, our teams usually work at the client’s offices Monday through Thursday, and then return to the home office each Friday. Weekends are completely dedicated to leisure.

We encourage a culture of flexibility and offer specific programs that support career success. Take Time gives consultants the option to take an extra 5 to 10 weeks off between projects. You work hard—and we want you to pursue what you love outside the office. Raise a family, travel for fun, write that novel or screenplay, or help your community: a career at McKinsey makes it possible to pursue your working life and your life’s work.

Opportunities locally and globally

One of our most important values is to ensure talented people are quickly presented with opportunities that use and strengthen their skills and passions. We can do this because we work with and shape the direction of globally leading clients, from 90 of the world’s top 100 corporations, to NGOs, foundations, and more than 90 national governments.

We care deeply about each person who joins the office, and we are committed to their success. As a member of our global management-consulting firm, you will have opportunities to advise leading organisations in Finland, as well as globally. Many very talented individuals choose to join McKinsey Finland because we can offer a truly global path to leadership. As long as you are eager to learn, we’ll provide you with the resources and tools you need.


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