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By posting a job ad to our job portal, you will find legal expertise for all kinds of positions. Our job portal is the most popular legal portal, and thousands of legal professionals use the portal annually. We have a portal for legal students and a portal for legal professionals.

At the moment, the job advertisement form is only in Finnish. If you need help with reporting a vacancy, please contact our Marketing Manager Nina at nina.geitlin@paragraaffi.fi

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  • 300 unique views
  • 2900+* coverage on social media
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  • 700* unique views
  • 3900+* coverage on social media
  • Several shares on our social media platforms
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  • 900* unique views
  • 5400+* coverage on social media
  • Paid marketing on social media
  • Included in our newsletters
  • Shared directly to suitable candidates in our legal network

*Figures are indicative averages

Job portal for legal students and professionals


Our portal and our social media reached almost 50,000 people in 2018. The ads for legal students get approximately 800 views and the ads for legal professionals approximately 300 views. Your ad will always be shared on all of our social media platforms.


We have the most well-known legal recruitment portal which reaches legal professionals all around Finland. Thousands of legal talents search open positions through our job portals annually.


You can use our talent acquisition platform where your applicant data is protected. The recruitment process will be more efficient due to the platform, and you will save time using it! Read more here.

Have you considered headhunting?

The employment possibilities for law professionals are excellent, and the terms of employment are quite homogeneous. There are not that many active applicants among lawyers, so in order to reach the potential candidates, you need to be active, and job advertisements alone are not enough. We at Paragraaffi leave no stone unturned so that you can get the best candidate. By choosing our headhunting services, you will get access to our entire network’s potential, receive expert consulting, and enjoy a full-service assurance!

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