The new era of expertise

Paragraaffi’s secondment is a flexible and cost-efficient option for resourcing your legal needs.

You get the employee – we get the responsibilities. Secondment is an excellent solution, when your recruitment need is temporary, surprising or uncertain. We will take care of the entire recruitment process and all the employer obligations for you. The widest legal networks in Finland and our unique expertise will guarantee excellent risk-free results. Our consultant will work in your company, but they are employed by Paragraaffi.

When do I need a consultant?


  • Surprising orders?
  • Uncertain duration?
  • Risk of a failed recruitment?
  • By leasing an employee you will get a legal resource flexibly for as long as you need, and you will only pay for the completed work.

Holidays and overtime

  • Office and employees on holiday?
  • Expecting a peak period?
  • Need for a temporary substitute?
  • By leasing an employee you can find legal professionals for temporary needs, e.g. for substitutes, seasonal needs or peak periods. We will execute secondment orders quickly and efficiently so your business will not suffer from suprising changes or holiday periods.


  • Launching a start-up and need legal expertise?
  • Growth will usually result in surprising and extensive legal needs. By using Paragraaffi you will get a legal professional cost-effectively with a fixed hourly rate.

Why should I use Paragraaffi?


The secondment will be customized to correspond to your actual needs, whether they are urgent, temporary or uncertain. With regular communication we will make sure that our service conforms to your circumstances.


By leasing an employee you will get a professional resource without the risk of a failed recruitment. You will only pay for the completed work and if your circumstances change, the service can be customized again. Additionally you will have the possibility to recruit the leased employee to your company – secondment is actually the most risk-free recruitment process.


We are not just recruitment professionals, but also legal experts. We will help you recognize your legal needs and we will search the most suitable professionals for you from our widest legal networks in Finland. We will also commit to pay the lease employees salaries according to the recommendations of the Association of Finnish Lawyers. We also take the quality of our workforce very seriously.


Secondment is always more affordable than buying a recruitment service. Our service is priced at a fixed hourly rate, which includes all employer costs, you will only pay for the completed work. Additionally you will save time with secondment by outsourcing administrative tasks to us.

How does secondment work?

Consulting and defining the profile

Our experts will find out your needs, and create an employer profile based on the information. Thus you will always get suitable professionals for your needs.

Preparing contracts and a high-quality recruitment process

We will sign a framework agreement with you, which leads to an easy and fast resourcing. The framework agreement does not yet bind you to order. The search for the suitable candidate will start immediately after you have made an order. This way you can easily prepare for upcoming holiday and peak periods.

Employer obligations and quality assurance

You get the employee – we get the responsibilities. We will take responsibility for the recruitment process and employer obligations and you will get the resource you need. Our experts are always at your disposal, and we also want both you and the leased employee to always be satisfied with our service.

Employ a leased employee

After 6 months you can employ the leased employee free of charge. Secondment is an excellent way of recruiting risk-free without the cost of recruitment.

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