Hannes Snellman is a top-tier Nordic law firm with 350 outstanding lawyers and other professionals based in Finland and Sweden. We advise leading international and local corporations across all business sectors. In addition to unique assignments, we offer our employees an opportunity to work with sharp-minded professionals in an atmosphere of inclusiveness. Our employees have different backgrounds and personalities, but we all share the same values: a commitment to provide high-quality services and a passion for what we do. We encourage independent thinking and take great pride in the professionalism of our teams and individuals. For more information, please visit our website.

Hannes Snellman in Numbers

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Opportunities for Students
Office Support Trainee

As an Office Support trainee your job will be to take care of practical matters involved with the daily “running” of the office. An ideal candidate is a first or second year law student.

KM Trainee

As a KM trainee you will be assisting in our library and helping our lawyers in research and fact-finding. An ideal candidate would be a third or fourth-year law student.

Associate Trainee

As an Associate Trainee you will have an outstanding opportunity to join our firm for a fixed 4-month period to familiarise yourself with the versatile profession of an attorney. An ideal candidate is a law student who has completed at least 150 study credits before applying.

Thesis Trainee

Our Thesis Trainees are offered the opportunity to write their master thesis in an atmosphere of expertise and professionalism.

Hannes Snellman and Nordea’s Joint Trainee Programme

We also have a very special traineeship available, as one or more of our associate trainees will get to go on a one-month internship to Nordea after their traineeship with us. The internship at Nordea will offer an excellent opportunity to see what it is like to work as an in-house lawyer in the biggest bank of the Nordic countries.

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Working with Us
Aada Nokkala
Office Support Trainee

“The best thing about working at Hannes Snellman is definitely the people I get to work with. We have an amazing spirit in our team, and everyone has been extremely supportive and encouraging during the entire traineeship. In our daily work, we get to learn more about the functioning of a huge office like Hannes. Our tasks also vary on a daily basis and the working days are never the same. This traineeship has overall been a great opportunity to develop myself in many different areas, and it is great to be a part of such an amazing working community.”

Juha Aalto-Setälä
KM Trainee

“As a KM trainee, you get to work with an amazing team of colleagues, which is definitely one of the best parts of the traineeship. Every day is different, so you get to challenge yourself with diverse tasks from all different areas of law. Hence, you learn a lot throughout the traineeship.”

Theresa Segercrantz
Associate Trainee

“Working as an associate trainee at a top tier law firm has been an incredibly valuable experience. I have especially enjoyed the fact that I have been able to work with a team specialising in what interests me the most and seen and taken part in interesting assignments and projects. As an associate trainee, you get all the support you need from your colleagues while being allowed to challenge yourself with new, difficult tasks every day. At Hannes Snellman, the assignments have great variation, which makes the learning curve very steep and the job rewarding. Combine that with a nice working environment and fun, non-work related events, and you’ve got yourself quite the traineeship!”

Juuso Lumilahti
Thesis Trainee

“During the process of writing my thesis, it was wonderful to be a part of a professional and pleasant team. By sharing both their practical and academical views, the team really helped me in my work. Additionally, I found the vast collections of Hannes Snellman’s library and all the practicalities very helpful and convenient.”

Anssi Laakkonen
Tech Trainee

“This traineeship is all about learning and innovating. I love challenging myself daily with a wide and ever-changing variety of tasks, which is a great way to improve my all-around skillset. This role keeps your brain stimulated, as it involves lots of interesting problems to solve and innovative solutions to create. The team itself has a great spirit and has been very supportive and welcoming since day one. We routinely brainstorm together to overcome problems, and the team welcomes all ideas. As there are lots of opportunities to take part in, your own interests and ideas shape the traineeship. Overall, this traineeship offers a deep dive into legal tech and innovation as a valued part of the team.”

Mikael Byman
Associate, M&A

“Thanks to my experience as an associate trainee, I had no difficulty transitioning to an associate position. My trainee period gave me the necessary professional skills to face the various new tasks and challenges of an associate. It was also a great way to get to know all my amazing colleagues.”

Julia Ranta
Associate, Real Assets

“The best thing about working at Hannes Snellman is definitely the fun and supportive colleagues in the Real Assets Team I get to work with. I also feel that at Hannes, I have a great opportunity to continuously develop my legal expertise by working with various versatile and challenging assignments with the support of more experienced lawyers. Furthermore, I have found the overall atmosphere to be very warm and welcoming since the day I joined the firm.”

Tuuli Pikkarainen
Senior Associate, Real Assets

“Being part of a great work community and getting to work with nice people and challenge myself in varied assignments are the things that keep me going and motivated in work.”

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Basic Information

Revenue 62.8 million.

Number of personnel 350.

​We employ students in Helsinki and Stockholm.


What kind of experience do you expect from the candidates?
We do not have any specific requirements regarding experience. We emphasise a candidate’s potential more than previous experience.

Required or favoured languages
Fluency in Finnish and English is required.​

What kind of value do you put on grades?
We value academic success in the fields that are relevant to the position.

What else do you value in an employee?
We value ambitious law students with a genuine interest in business law, and an eagerness to learn. We look for committed and service-oriented law students who want to get an invaluable insight into the work of a Nordic law firm. In addition, we appreciate active participation in extra-curricular and international activities.


We recruit 80-85 students on an annual basis.

We recruit 15-25 legal professionals on an annual basis.

​We arrange one interview round in trainee recruitments.

​We accept written applications here.


Students are employed for a fixed term.

Our benefits include lunch benefit (lounasetu), sport and cultural benefit (virike-etu) and employer-subsidised commuter ticket (työsuhdematkaetu).

We pay wage recommended by the Association of Finnish Lawyers.

We offer our employees a thorough orientation as well as further training at Hannes Academy.

We also organise a variety of internal events for all employees as well as events specifically aimed at trainees. We offer tutoring and mentoring and have a structured feedback system. For recreation, we have a gym at the office and we regularly get to enjoy activities organised by our activities club Avocados. To learn more, please visit hannessnellman.com/careers

Masterclass by Hannes Snellman is a series of interactive and informal evening events where our experts discuss the topic of how to apply theory to practice in the everyday work of an attorney.


Hannes Snellman Summer School is a two-day event featuring interactive workshops and lectures by practitioners from the legal, corporate, and academic world, as well as networking with other Nordic law students and experienced experts.


In addition to learning by doing, coaching, and giving feedback, we have a structured learning platform, Hannes Academy, which consists of a comprehensive introductory training programme and internal and external lectures covering legal training and professional skills training.


Contact Us

Sara Saukkonen
HR Business Specialist

Tel. +358 9 2288 4445 | Mobile +358 40 777 8601